Environment Centre AGM, 5pm Tuesday October 5

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Become a Trustee

for the

Far North Environment Centre!

It's AGM time again and we'd like to invite all you dedicated greenies to come along and support the election of trustees for the coming year.

Being a trustee is not hugely difficult or time-consuming, with just one meeting each month where current projects are reported on by the Centre's staff and feedback is sought on our overall direction and governance.

So be brave, step up, and get involved!

Where: Far North Environment Centre, by Trees Company, Pukepoto Road, Kaitaia

4.30pm: Normal board meeting (for current trustees)

When: 5.00pm: AGM and election of officers

5.30pm: Refreshments

All welcome. We look forward to seeing you :~)

Enquiries: ph 09 4081086 or

Email info@ecocentre.co.nz




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