Competition: What's your Ocean:View?

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What's your Ocean:View

Ocean:Views is a WWF national competition calling for creative works reflecting on and celebrating New Zealanders’ unique connection to our seas.

For generations our oceans have inspired us, shaped our way of life, and helped define who we are as a nation. They are an inseparable part of New Zealand’s cultural identity.

WWF is calling on New Zealanders across the nation to delve into their creative side over summer and give their O c e a n :V i e ws – submissions of creative works in any of the four categories: music; creative writing; short film; visual art.

Benefits to artists:

  • Exposure at Oceans Day event in Auckland.
  • The grand prize winner will receive a trip for two to the Pacific Islands to experience first hand the incredible species that live in our oceans.
  • Runner up winners will receive other fabulous prizes.

For more information and to enter the competition click here, or download the PDF Competition Entry Kit below:

WWF Oceans Campaign Entry Kit.pdf


Jane Whiting
9 years, 10 months ago
I can't download an entry copy. Could you please send me an entry fm to 108 Nisbet Rd, RD9 Whangarei 0179 please. I have artwork for your competition.

Thanking you
Jane Whiting
8 years, 1 month ago
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