Kaitaia Fluoridation Issue: Public Meeting, Little Theatre, Kaitaia Tuesday April 28

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There will be a public meeting in the Little Theatre at the Kaitaia Community Centre on Tuesday 28 April at 7 pm to discuss the issue of fluoridaton of the Kaitaia water supply. Doors open at 6.30pm.

A two year trial of fluoridation in Kaitaia ended recently in March and a forthcoming District Council meeting on Thursday will look at options for the reintroduction of fluoride to the water supply.

There is a perception that consultation with the public has been inadequate on this important public health issue. The meeting at the Little Theatre has been called by the Fluoride Action Network to present some alternative views and to generate public awareness and discussion.

For further information and contacts, please click on the attached file.

fluoride meeting flyer April 28.pdf


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