Hui and workshop invitation - Doubtless Bay Community Care for Our Catchment

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Clean water in our streams and rivers - Towards a community based integrated catchment management plan of action for Doubtless Bay

Hui and Workshop

Friday 6th November
from noon

Taipa Area School Whare

Water quality testing workshop: Saturday 7th November, 11am
(Please click here for Water Quality Watch testing results)

An Open Invitation to the community - to you, whanau, and friends, people who know about the area, people who live in, are connected to, and work here in the catchment of Doubtless Bay

  • What would it take for us to have water that is clean enough for all the uses we want it for?
  • What would it take for our community to sustain itself long into the future?
  • How can we help to sustain all the taonga of Doubtless Bay?

Hui and workshop programme:


6th November:

 12 noon:
1 to 4.30pm: Working session – exploring our issues, aspirations and possible actions:

1:00pm What’s important to us here?

  2:00pm The big issues and smaller worries we have about catchment and bay?
  3:00pm What are our hopes for the future?

3:45pm A pathway ahead

  4:30pm Some people may need to head away
4:30-7pm: Open session – If you’ve got other commitments in the afternoon, you’re still welcome to drop in after 4:30pm, and participate in the open session running through to 7pm.
5pm: A barbeque will be served from about 5pm


7th November:

11am: Community water quality testing workshop – an open workshop for anyone interested in testing water quality in nearby waterways. Meet on corner of SH10 and Mamaru Road at Taipa Area School – gumboots a good idea

About “Doubtless Bay Community Care for our Catchment”: This invitation is extended by Richard Robbins of the Far North Environment Centre. We’ve started a project with a long term aim – to improve water quality within the Doubtless Bay catchment, by taking an “integrated catchment management” approach that works with everyone in the catchment and sees the links between everything.

For more information on Doubtless Bay Community Care for Our Catchment please click here.


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