Maramataka Workshop, Roma Marae, this Friday July 9

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Celebrating Matariki

Wananga Maramataka 2010

Roma Marae - Ahipara Friday

9th July 2010

Maramataka is the Maori moon calendar used traditionally to guide days suitable for planting, harvesting, fishing and food gathering activities.

This workshop will present the traditional aspects of Maramataka but will also offer an interactive planning session where participants will learn to apply the Maramataka.

Te Kai Makiha will present the traditional aspects of Maramataka, with Rueben Taipari Porter running the second part of the interactive planning workshop.

The workshop aims to share traditional knowledge about the Maori moon calendar at the same time teaching you how to maximise time management in your busy lifestyles and ambitious schedules, using Maramataka.

The day’s events will start with a powhiri at 10am.

Nau mai, haere mai.

Please ring Far North REAP to register 4081380 or

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