Organiponico Workshops

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You are invited to join a 2 day workshop to build an

Organiponico Raised Bed Garden at a School near you!


Organiponico walls go up at Hata Maria, Pawarenga

Grant Steven and accomplices will be building Organiponico garden beds at the following schools during the next few weeks:

Oruaiti School, Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 March

Mangonui School, Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 March

Taipa School, Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 April

Peria School, Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 April

8 to 10 adult (16 years or over) participants are needed at each site to help with the constuction of these permanent, concrete-sided raised garden beds. This is a good opportunity to learn about the buiding of these highly productive, low maintenance gardens and share local knowledge of organic gardening techniques. The schools will be left with a highly useful tool for ongoing learning around growing, eating and sharing healthy food.

 If you have a day or two to spare, your help will be much appreciated. Either call the school or contact Soozee at the Environment Centre, 4081086, to register your interest.

Donations of organic compost or mulch will also be appreciated.

Each workshop kicks off at 9.30 in the morning and runs to about 3 pm. Bring your lunch, sunhat and your best local gardening stories!


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