Schools invited to create 'Green Wave'

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Kia ora koutou,

You need to know about the

 Green Wave of Action 2011!

Many schools in the Far North will be involved in planting trees through restoration projects, helping out on Arbor Day, or just because they realise that the best time to plant a tree is NOW!

Here's a chance to be part of a global tree-planting exercise this week (before Sunday May 22) and put Aotearoa/ New Zealand on the map as leaders of a GREEN WAVE that will sweep around the planet.

You only need to plant one tree and enter the details online to become part of this global initiative to inspire, highlight and connect tree planting and forest restoration across the planet. This is also a great opportunity to teach the concepts of time as it progresses from the International Dateline as, throughout Monday the 23rd, stories from schools in other countries will go live on the Green Wave website

Schools can simply plant a tree and enter their details on the Green Wave web site which then gets recorded through Google maps. The tree, photos and stories go live online at 20:20 on Sunday 22 May

Each hour, beginning at 20:20 local time, new trees will appear on the map, starting in the Pacific and Asia, then across Europe and Africa and over the ocean to America – creating a virtual ‘green wave’.

Kim Jones from Experiencing Marine Reserves and Whitebait Connection alerted us to this event and had this to add,



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