Taipa Presentation Today: Improving the Muddy Waters of Doubtless Bay

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Improving the Muddy Waters
of Doubtless Bay

Come and learn from the 15 years practical experience gained by Fred Lichtwark of
Whaingaroa (Raglan) Harbour Care.

Whaingaroa Harbour Care is an award winning, successful community project that is used as a national model of riparian management.

Since 1995, Whaingaroa Harbour Care has grown and planted more than 750,000 native trees along streams and harbour edges within the Whaingaroa catchment.

Proof of the success of the project is evident by the clearer waters and recovering shellfish and fish stocks.

Fred has agreed to meeting with farmers, landcare groups, local authorities – anyone with a passion about the environment and, in particular, integrated catchment and riparian management and share the Whaingaroa experience.

For more information:

Tel: 09 408 1086


Or download:

Fred Lichtwark Doubtless Bay Presentation poster - Taipa 17 June 2009.pdf


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