Dune Action Day , Tokerau, postponed to Saturday May 2

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Weedbusters Work Day

Postponed to SATURDAY MAY 2

9 'til noon


Our apologies to anyone who might have been offended by our scheduling of a weedbusters day for the morning of Anzac Day. We did not initially realise what the date was and when it was first brought to our notice we did not fully consider the clash in commitments this would entail for some. No disrespect was intended. We look forward to seeing you the following Saturday for another great session of weedbusting!

A successful Weedbusters day was held at Tokerau Beach on March 1st - the start of Sea Week 2009. Eight people turned up and put in a solid morning of work, cutting and removing weed seedheads then lopping down an area of Cape Honeyflower and stacking the slash over the stumps to discourage regrowth. The resulting piles of mulch will need to be revisited to knock back any shoots that emerge, but eventually they will provide rich composted areas where more 'dune-friendly' native trees and shubs can be planted to replace the weeds.

Weed seedheads removed from the dunes
Weed seedheads removed from the dunes

The Far North Environment Centre and Department of Conservation would love to see you at the next working bee to tackle more of the weeds that are taking over the dunes at Tokerau Beach. We will be gathering at the DOC Reserve at the end of Simon Urlich Road at 9 am. You will be offered a choice of working in the ‘organic’ zone, where only manual methods are being used to knock down the main offender – the Cape Honeyflower – or the ‘herbicide’ zone, where the weeds will be cut down and the remaining stumps painted with a herbicide gel.

Learn about the Dune Environment

Distinguish introduced weeds from native plant species


Please bring:

  • Sun protection
  • Drink
  • Overalls or similar tough clothing
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Loppers and gloves if you can, otherwise we will provide these.

Following the morning’s work, DOC will provide an excellent Barbecue Lunch.

For more info and to check for postponements due to weather, call Soozee at the Far North Environment Centre on 09 408 1086


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