World Oceans Day - Far North Event - 8th June

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Monday 8th June is World Oceans Day and The Environment Centre will be in the Whare at Taipa Area School from 10am 4pm, along with a number of local groups who are proactive in the area of looking after coastal environment. Theme for the day is 'Care for Our Catchment, Doubtless Bay', and the focus will be on ways that people can improve the health of the streams and rivers that flow into the ocean, and thereby improve the health, productivity and biodiversity of the waters of Doubtless Bay.

Taipa Beach Improvement Society will be there to explain their Draft Plan for the beachside area. Trish Edwards will demonstrate the benefits of Pingao and Spinifex for stabilising and protecting the dune environment, and Laura Shaft from NRC will explain how the Regional Council supports action to monitor and improve water quality. Screenings of Catchment Care DVDs will run throughout the day.

Schools are invited to bring their classes and all members of the public are most welcome as well.

Also, a reminder that the Te Waka Kai Ora Hui is running from Friday to Sunday this weekend at Roma Marae, celebrating Maori Organics. See the preceding news item for details.

We look forward to seeing you at some of these environmental events during this Mataariki season!


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