Presentation on Codfish Island and Volunteering for the Kakapo Recovery Programme

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Volunteering for Kakapo Recovery in Southland

A Presentation and Discussion Evening

Thursday 3 December, 6.30pm


The Far North Environment Centre, Pukepoto Road, Kaitaia

Codfish Island, or Whenua Hou lies to the northwest of Stewart Island/Rakiura in Foveaux Strait, and is home to the bulk of the Kakapo that still exist in the world. A successful breeding season this year and the dedicated attention of volunteers has helped to ensure the survival of this year's chicks, bringing the total number of these critically threatened nocturnal parrots to a new high of 124, a healthy improvement on the 51 kakapo that represented the world's total population in the wild back in 1995.

On Thursday 3 December at 6.30 pm the Environment Centre will be hosting Detlef Davies, Regional Representative from the Far North Ornithological Society who will give a presentation on volunteering on Codfish Island. The venue is the Environment Centre office (in the CBEC building, Pukepoto Road) and attendance is free.

The presentation is about the whole experience of Codfish Island, beginning with the journey there, the hut where the volunteers stayed, and the supplementary feeding of the Kakapo. You will get a peek at some of other birds of the island, several pics of the Kakapo themselves, some of the plants that make up their forest habitat, plus views from higher up.

Detlef's talk and slideshow will take 30 to 40 minutes then there will be time for questions and discussion.

Light refreshments will be provided.

The presentation is free, but koha towards expenses would be gratefully received.


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