Community Development Plan Meeting, Taipa Resort Wednesday July 29 @ 7pm

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More than 30 residents, loosely representing a range of community interests, came to the initial Community Development Plan meeting at Taipa Bay Resort on June 24. Called by Ken Ross, Community Development Officer for the Far North District Council, the meeting marked the start of the CDP process which has been initiated by the District Council to give smaller townships and localities around the Far North the opportunity to have a say in forward planning, identifying priorities in terms of social, economic and environmental goals that emerge from the residents’ shared vision of the future.

With each locality having a unique environment, differing challenges and its particular social mix, the planning process allows a tailor made ‘road map’ to emerge which will then inform the Council’s planning and policy for 10 or more years.

The Taipa/Oruru area was selected roughly along catchment area lines, i.e. the land that drains to the Taipa estuary, so includes Oruru/Peria and right up Honeymoon Valley, Fern Flat and Paranui. However those boundaries are not fixed and the next few meetings will establish the community that wishes to be involved in creating an integrated plan.

 At the June meeting, concerns were raised that while those present came from a range of different interest groups, many other groups were absent and should be encouraged to bring their input to subsequent meetings. Many Marae around the north are working on their own resource management documents and it is hoped that some will bring the insights gained from this process to the community meetings. Likewise, business interests, fisherman (both commercial and recreational), sports groups, farmers and youth were identified as sectors that were under-represented at the June meeting and their voices need to be heard if the planning process is to have credibility, so please hand this notice on to your contacts.

The next meeting will take place at Taipa Bay Resort on Wednesday July 29, starting at 7 pm. All are welcome.

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