Dinosaur talk in Kaeo, Monday March 8

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'Geologists at work:

the latest on Arrow Rocks,

Mapping in Northland,

and NZ's first Dinosaur Footprints'

presented by Dr Hamish Campbell (Senior scientist, GNS Science; geologist at Te Papa)

Our Japanese geology colleagues are back in town! This is an opportunity to hear the latest on their investigations of Arrow Rocks - a fascinating geological area near Tauranga Bay where rocks from 2 distinct geological periods abutt each other.

Furthermore, a new 1:250,000 geological map, the Whangarei Sheet, has just been published by GNS Science. This covers the Whangaroa-Kaeo area. Do come and see it.

Lastly, this illustrated talk will discuss the recently described dinosaur footprints from NW Nelson.

Dr Campbell is a lively and informative speaker and even those who are not particularly geologically inclined will find his presentation of interest, especially as the main topic is about an area of the Far North where scientists have gleaned some new and fascinating clues to the earth's prehistory.

Monday 8th March at 6.30 p.m.

At the Church hall opposite the RSA in Kaeo.

All welcome. Admission is free.


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