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Check out the new look of the Northland Enviroschools newsletter. To download issue 8 - Term 2 please click on the PDF download link below:

Enviroschools Newsletter Issue 8 - Term 2 2011.pdf


7 years, 11 months ago
The shoe has a long history of development. Yangshao period of about 5,000 years ago to the original skins sewn shoes.
7 years, 9 months ago
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7 years, 7 months ago
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7 years, 5 months ago
A1 How to maintain the Nike dunk
Such as the nike dunks:
nike dunks
football shoes
Nike Cortez Cheap
Clothing shoes market have special wash suede shoes shoe powder to sell.
Fashion magazines introduced can put eggs green paint on the shoe, wait to dry off, dirt will touch down
After dirty suede leather shoes, if dry clean is indelible. After scrubbing can scrub with wet cloth, first dry in ventilation, shady and cool place. Leather surface seems dry dry, reoccupy bristle brush dips in some suede powder, shoes on the shoe brush, shoe suede will be puffed up. After a blow dry, suede can recover.
Winter is coming, it is estimated that each mm has more than a pair of suede leather shoes. How to maintain is a headache thing. This is I see in a place on this one of the most radical version, hope can help to everybody.
To introduce the specific maintenance methods below, you can give it a try:
Material: brush, shoe stretcher, detergents, renovation, sponge, mothballs.
Steps: 1. Ash. (or vacuum) (mm) is recommended with old rub zao towel, I didn't dare to try.)
2. Use shoes ChengCheng up first. (wooden shoe stretcher can be change with shoe)
3. Use special brush to brush. Pay attention to the main processing copper wire surface besmirch the heavier parts and polished by parts. Brush with rubber face first in one direction, use side seam. Besmirch place emphasis on looped knead, knead it with copper wire.
4. Use wet sponge to clean again, wet shoes. Purpose is mainly dealing with water soluble substances.
5. Shake well cleaner spray on the surface. With rubber brush brush back and forth again and again to make both sides fiber stains are removed, dirty bubble with a wet sponge blot.
6. Air is ten minutes, etc. Hair is a bit dry, and some wet brush with rubber surface in one direction, make hair scattered, finishing.
7. Air is half an hour, after upper dry shoes in newspaper to protect, 15 cm away from the shoes uniform spray update agent. Update agent containing light agent, colloid (enhanced adhesion of other material), pigment, solvent, can dissolve the mixture), etc. Main aim of the spray update agent is complementary. Black shoes to wear for a long time is easy to reverse, it is best to ecru update agent.
After 8. Dry it with a rubber brush again, make the same color.
9. Finally put desiccant collection.

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