NRC CoastCare News: Winter 2009

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Please find attached below the Winter 2009 issue of NRC's CoastCare Northland News:

Coastcare Newsletter Autumn - Winter 2009.pdf

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8 years, 4 months ago
gray T + vest + denim shorts + word drag + Goyard handbag。 wild Oh!Classic checkered design of camellias let sandals full of sweet feeling。 lovely sweetheart fashion choice or sexy mm.Petite mm can wear sandals Oh!Chiffon dress to wear clothing of a woman's dress and sandals with a suddenly free to many。 one out and easily the first line.Leather soles and rhinestones modification。 is definitely eye-catching and not at low tide style.A cute pair of pink sandals coupled with fluorescent color nail polish。 so all eyes followed gathered by the lip to the feet.I believe that this colorful and eye-catching colors。 colorful rainbow dots sandals will demonstrate your energy。 so you have a very nice colorful mood in this colorful summer.The golden rivet flops echoes large satchel are nowadays the trend of the elements of Oh!
Like this white sequined sandals。 foot off a very thin white.Sequins embellishment the uppers shoes have nobility.Folder drag so cheap that you are not the same and I'm thrilled it?Bamboo sole design + woven tape。 useful summer pastoral feel.
Red dots shirt。 black vest inside the ride。 light-colored tight leg pants and canvas shoes to wear clothing College of sense.Bright pink hoodie with dark gray leggings。 sky-blue sports shoes is definitely a bright spot.Light blue pullover with shorts。 girls in socks and sneakers combination looks very sweet feeling.Long-sleeved round neck t with army green vest and light-colored legging。 sky-blue sports shoes and wool cap but added a sense of fashion.Nude color gauze hem design long shirt with a light-colored legging。 wine red sports shoes are very unique.The retro feel lace long dress with big red high-top canvas shoes。 is a color of a match. Korean the nine body of the United States die HK is one of the hottest models。 she set off a fashion "canvas" in late summer and early autumn of wind。 let HK teach you how to dress canvas little witch。 to create the most simple props fashion modeling!
Purple canvas with purple sports with hoodies and denim skirt strengthen the visual impact of the whole tone.Black dress red the canvas + red T with very good visual effects and cool.Relaxed white canvas pretty wild mix of relaxed attire feel very love life of the whole person.The three-dimensional gray purple and light-colored jeans visual is not strong enough dark blue canvas and black food adjust your black。 white and gray relationship.Black cap of the preparation of a black jacket and denim skirt is very plain purple canvas and pink shirt to let you become very playful.The pink strapless T plus black pant + white canvas black and white gray clear beautiful and full of affinity.The unrestrained red dress with a warm red canvas + Break jeans street flavor is most concentrated.
Lady unrequited love plot。 favorite pure feeling to wear white shoes in the bright morning with grandmother together to buy Apple; wearing white shoes。 hopscotch in the garden in the cool afternoon; wearing a white "shoes"。 and I love the charming evening。 "he" went to see the romantic sunset; I love white shoes! The playful princess so wear
Ladies skirt sense in the general case also has a feminine shoes with high heels。

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