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Update of Birding News from Detlef Davies,

Regional Rep for the Ornithological Society

Hi Members & Friends,

1. We will have an indoor meeting on Friday 9 April at 180 Landing Road, Kerikeri, 7 for 7.30. Our speaker (almost confirmed) is Jenny Rickett, a Massey University student whose subject is the Pateke (Brown Teal). Jenny is temporarily in Paihia and has been involved with translocation of Pateke to Tawharanui & Cape Kidnappers. I will host this myself as Carol will be away.

2. I will soon be starting the April newsletter and contributions welcome (thanks for those received).

3. This is an extract from a message received from Matt Calder today about Kokako at Waima: "The pest control has gone well here for this season, and the kokako have fledged good numbers from what I can tell. The adult pairs are now a bit more vocal with their singing, and so over the course of the next months until mid-September I was going to try and map the territories of the pairs as part of the 3-yearly census. Last one was done over the course of the 2007/8 breeding season and 27 pairs were confirmed. If you are still interested, through May and June I could training a few of your group up and, as you can, over the following months the group could cover areas as time allows and help determine the current size. No doubt it has gone up a few, in one area alone that I have spent time in, it has gone from 1 pair to 3 pairs using the general area. This is consistent with the theory that the birds will cluster and fill an area in rather than rapidly expanding outwards". I will fix a date, watch this space.

4. The Far North Ornithological Society AGM will be on Friday 28 May, more news on this to follow.

5. We have now run 2 successful pelagics & both skippers are happy to do more, plenty of available dates. Reports will be in the newsletter. Let me know if you are interested. See lots of you soon.

Good birding,


Far North RR

09 407 3874

email: detlefdavies@yahoo.com


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