Transition Town Kaitaia film night: Garbage Warrior

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Transition Town Kaitaia film night presentation

Garbage Warrior

7pm, Friday 17th April
The Little Theatre
Kaitaia Community Centre
Koha donation

This interesting - and timely - documentary profiles unorthodox architect, eco-warrior and founder of Earthship Biotecture, Michael Reynolds. Since the late 1970s, the wild-haired 60-year-old has been setting up communities of increasing size in remote New Mexico locations based on his experimental, self-sufficient houses. Unsurprisingly, his belief that there's 'no progress without mistakes' isn't shared by the state planning department, which can't see beyond the rule book and considers global warming 'a myth'. As it tracks Reynolds's one-man battle to make sustainable housing sites legal, this funny, multi-layered doc is testament to the inspirational proof an individual can (literally) make a difference to the planet and a delightful, mind-expanding antidote to those housing-market blues.

Garbage Warrior Michael Reynolds
Garbage Warrior Michael Reynolds


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