TTK Film, Friday October 8, 6pm, REAP

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Our next film for October

At The REAP Centre Kauri Room

Friday 8 th October – 6.30 pm

"The Real Dirt on Farmer John"

A flamboyant, cross-dressing, hippie-loving, third-generation farmer – beaten down by debt, drought and the resentment of his community – saves his farm... by being different.

"My ancestors have farmed this land generation after generation, and I just about ended the whole thing. What do you do when nothing is left ? And in a rural community where you aren't welcome because you're kind of different", Farmer John Peterson

What a beautiful tribute to the future, to the farm. To the idea of community supported agriculture where people come together with a shared vision and create something new. They do it out of the values and the traditions and the beautiful customs of the past.

Against all odds, John Peterson abandons conventional chemical farming and fights local hysteria to build a thriving organic farm and a progressive farm.

He’s been called everything from a devil worshipper to winningly eccentric—a maverick, an inspiration, a philosopher of the soil—farmer, author, playwright and raconteur. "I love glitz. I love glitter. I love glamour," says John Peterson. And, he loves the land. So who is this Farmer John, you wonder?

In conjunction with the Sustainable Living courses Transition town Kaitaia is running through REAP.

More information at REAP office, Kaitaia. Ph.408 1380

Have you made a personal commitment to reduce your emissions by 10% in the year 2010 ?

All welcome - we appreciate koha to assist with our expenses.

Join us for supper and discussion after the film.


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